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This navy ensemble is one of my favorite “go to” looks because it’s easy to wear and transitions quite easily from day to evening. Usually once I leave the house, I’m out for good, so it’s useful to have outfits in the arsenal that are comfortable, stylish and can also be worn out to a nice dinner after running around town all day.
At a mere 5’2, I’m a bit vertically challenged, so I try to look for styles that will work for a shorter frame. I get a lot of comments on Facebook from women who are short in stature as well, who find shopping for flattering styles incredibly challenging. So here’s a tip: dressing head to toe in one color palette is one way to give the illusion of height. Obviously pairing your look with four inch heels, like this pair fromĀ Pedro Garcia, is yet another way to appear taller and slimmer. However, not everyone wants to totter around like an escapee stilt walker fromĀ Cirque du Soleil, so a midi heel or flat in the same color is going to work to elongate the body just as well. We can’t all be born tall and willowy, but if you know a few tricks of the trade, you can definitely fake it.

~ Dorrie

Senior Style Bible

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Pants: Vince

Shoes: Pedro Garcia

Sunglasses: Isaac Mizrahi

Clutch: Target

10 responses to “IN THE NAVY”

  1. I adore that blouse, is it a ‘batwing’ sleeve or more a cape? it drapes beautifully and its a great look

    • Thanks Eimear! It’s a batwing sleeve. I’m quite a big fan of this style because it’s usually cut a bit wider in middle, and drapes well for those of us that need to camouflage our mid-sections a bit.

  2. Astrid Hill says:

    I love this whole outfit – it works so well and I never would have guessed you were 5’2″. I am considerably shorter than that and constantly looking for new ways to ‘fake it’! After decades of a life in heels I could audition for the Cirque du Soleil! Thank you for so much inspiration.

    • Thanks Astrid. I think short people can wear anything as long as it’s styled proportionately and tailored well. Hahaha. Yes, I could be a Cirque performer as well. After a lifetime of tottering around in heels, I’m actually more comfortable in them than flats.

  3. I’m 5’5″ and find that tapered legs on trousers also makes a difference. Narrower ones elongate the body and appear to add height. Having pants tailored to the right length is also important.

    • That’s such a great point, Diane. I think tailoring is really key too. If it fits well, it’s going to to be flattering as long as the piece is paired with something that compliments its proportions.

  4. Jodie Filogomo says:

    I’m 5’2″ also (well…close) and it’s funny that I never feel short. It helps that my husband isn’t towering over me and a lot of my friends stand the same height!!
    My mom loves the monochromatic look, thus I tend to steer away from it. I go with the theory that a good fit beats everything else. And the heels are lovely!! I figure my goal in life is to stay in shape so I can wear them to the grave!! jodie

    • You know, I’m 81 and I’ve been wearing heels every day for my entire adult life and have never had a problem with my feet, Jodie. No bunions, or pains or aches or anything and I attribute that to one thing, I don’t buy cheap shoes. I think if you invest in quality, well made shoes, that fit, you will never have a problem with your feet. ~ Dorrie

  5. Yep, as usual this is a very good outfit. Being 5ft74 I don’t have this challenge (sorry, rubbing it in… haha) but I like the way heels make my body look. When it it tilted a bit, I just look better. I don’t have any trouble with my feet but I usually alternate flat shoes with high heels. Having worn pretty narrow shoes (even though good quality) has given my toes lumps and bumps. Not very pretty but not painful either.
    And I love your haircut. Makes you look cool and modern.

    • Always love to hear from you Greetje:
      I envy your height and the dramatic styles you tall gals wear so well. Lots of heels out there that cover toes and it does add a bit of glamor to any outfit.