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The warmer months always pose a style challenge for me because I live in Las Vegas where the temperatures reach double digits in the height of summer, and while I want to remain cool, I don’t like to expose my arms. So I’m always on the look out for tops that are generously cut, made from light weight fabrics and also have sleeves of some description. You wouldn’t think that this would be an unusually tall order, but it is!  Finding labels that work for women over 50 is a never ending challenge. Thankfully  BCBG is one label that offers a wide variety of styles that also work for the mature fashionista. This particular peasant top caught my eye because of the dramatic sleeve. I also liked the fact that it worked so well with denim. Although I initially discounted the peasant top as something only backpackers and hippies wore, I have come around to have a new appreciation for this style. This season there are a number of sophisticated versions being shown, and it’s the type of piece that is absolutely perfect for traveling. I’ll be taking mine to Europe this summer and will be blending right in with all of those backpackers. Now the only question is will I also be taking along a new tattoo? Stay tuned…

~ Dorrie

Senior Style Bible

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Jeans: H&M
Sunglasses: Isaac Mizrahi
Location: Downtown Tattoo. Las Vegas.

4 responses to “PEASANT TOP”

  1. Love your outfit – and shoes (though I would never be able to walk that high!) brilliant location

  2. Adorable. I like swingy knit tops, too, that don’t cling and are not cut out in unappealing places.

  3. Sheela Goh says:

    Like you, Dorrie, I too have not been all that fond of peasant tops. The designs which flooded the market all looked far too touristy and bohemian for my taste, and that turned me off đŸ™‚ these days, however, I’m seeing sleeker versions in fabrics with a heavier drape, and they’re calling my name like a siren song. As does the one you’re wearing, it looks like a pinstriped chambray but with loads of polish. And that, I love xoxo

  4. Melanie says:

    Love those bell sleeves, anything with bell sleeves. And you rock the shoes. I just read your interview in the Irish Examiner. I love getting to know more about you. And I followed you on Bloglovin’ – I was shocked I hadn’t already. Anyway, I’m here now and so relieved. As for the tattoo, will she or won’t she? WILL. heh.