Double denim used to be considered a fashion faux pas. One piece was amazing, but two was risky territory….however things have changed. A double denim look is not only perfectly acceptable now, it’s actually a chic style choice. Women over 50 can absolutely wear this trend, they simply need to know how to pair denim pieces together in a way that’s stylish and sophisticated. There’s still a fine line between a double denim outfit looking chic and an ensemble that is too much. I mean, let’s face it, no one wants to look like they’ve just stepped out of a rodeo. So here are some tips how to rock the look in a fashionable way.

1. Stick to pieces in similar washes

Seasoned denim-on-denim devotees can experiment with vastly different hues, but if you’re new to the trend, seek out matching, or almost matching, shades of blue. It feels more pulled together and best of all, wearing the same colour head-to-toe elongates the frame.

2. Add modern accessories

A great pair of mules or a polished tote will keep a denim ensemble looking current. Changing up the accessories can also take the look from daytime to evening in a flash, simply by throwing on a fabulous pair of heels and adding an evening bag, like a skin clutch.

3. Don’t pile on other trends

This look requires a bit of restraint, so don’t go crazy with trendy accessories. Adding in neon accessories or a fringe handbag is going to be overkill. Less is actually more in this scenario, so keep the basics, you know, basic.

~ Dorrie

Senior Style Bible







Denim Top: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Mules: Vince

6 responses to “DOING DENIM”

  1. Jodie Filogomo says:

    Dorrie—you’re looking fabulous as always. This came into my mailbox just when I was putting together our chambray shirt series and talking about double denim (it won’t be published until later in September!) I hope it’s okay to link to this blog post from mine? I’d love for my readers to see this?

    • Hi Jodie. Oh how lovely! Thank you. Please link away. Sorry for the glitch with the “read more” link on this post. The tech team is fixing that malfunction today. Oh, the joys of the world wide web. Never a dull moment. Thank you so much for your continued support. It’s so incredibly appreciated! xx

      • Geraldine D. Zimbler Kuss says:

        Love the outfit, but ,yes, took me ages to find out what you wanted to say about it! I’d prefer the mules to be in a neutral color, the blue looks different almost purple in the photo.

  2. Linda B says:

    I love this “triple” denim look, counting the shoes. They look blue on my screen. I had an amazing pair of denim wedge sandals that I wore until they literally fell apart on my feet after almost 10 years! They were a terrific wardrobe staple. It’s hard to find shoes that color. I might check out that Vince pair, though they look a bit higher than is practical for me.

  3. Love it Dorrie. And you are right. Keep this basic outfit basic.
    Perfect styling, great photos.

  4. Anita Cartwright says:

    Thank you Dorrie, I needed help but didn’t know where to start. You have give me my life back, sitting here looking shabby at 62, I now know I need to get started. Thank you, thank you love you loads anita x