Nothing feels more luxurious than wrapping up in a cashmere cape on a chilly day. I love the asymetricral cut of this one by Minnie Rose because I can drape it across my body in a number of different ways. I use this one a lot for traveling, because it also doubles as a blanket on the plane.

Capes are having a big fashion moment this year and it seems they will be sticking around for spring as well. I’m particularly excited about the blanket styles that we have been seeing on the runway. The lovely thing about this piece is that it can be found at every price point. I discovered a great one at Top Shop the other day and plan on living and in it until next Summer.

What are your Winter essentials?




















Cape: Minnie Rose
Tank Top: Donna Karan
Skirt: James Pearce
Boots: Tod’s
Bag: DVF
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

18 responses to “CAPE COVER STORY”

  1. Josephine Chicatanyage says:

    I love blanket wraps especially cashmere ones. I agree they are very cosy. A great trend.

  2. Dale Ross says:

    Ok, now take us to the Caribbean. I live on a sailboat and while the lifestyle is great fashion out here is tough.

  3. kym joseph says:

    You are SO AMAZING!!!!!!! my newest style icon…
    At 40, I find myself all too aware of the beginning of the expectation that a woman moving beyond, let’s call them “child bearing years”, is expected to either a) continue to attempt to dress and look like a 25 year old often with a result that dinminishea her natural sensuality or b) forgo her glamour and sexuality in favor of mix and match seperates from Chico’s.
    I adore fashion and on a good day I feel sexier and more glamorous than ever.seeing your amazing style reminds me that there is no reason that one should EVER deny ones self expression through beauty and fashion. Thank you!

  4. Mdm samm says:

    you are such a pretty lady with style…had I not seen your age, I would have put you 30-40 years younger …best to you always..

  5. suraya W says:

    Hi Dorrie,
    You are 80? Hard to believe! You are so pretty and youthful and such sense of style! All the best!

  6. Jenny Lynn says:

    I love those boots. I have been searching for boots. I don’t want some that look like what everyone else is wearing. I want to make a statement. That is what those boots do.

  7. Melissa Lee says:

    Wow, you rock….! Love everything you are wearing and mainly it’s your attitude that makes it all come together,and can we talk!!! Would love to have tea or coffee with you. If your ever in Santa Fe, NM, let’s have tea at the Tea House on upper Canon Rd….

  8. Debbie Stinedurf says:

    That cape is fabulous! I love anything that I can cozy up in and keep warm. And those boots…love!

  9. I love the cape. Boots are great too. One of my favorite go-to winter essentials is a scarf and I’ve been reaching for my Burberry scarf, it goes with everything.

  10. teresa says:

    You look great! I love those white boots…reminds me of the white boots of the 60’s! they were my all time favorite and those RayBans! I thought I had them all….

  11. Hello Dorrie, Those boots were made for walking…you look great my dear, I love your attitude and the fact that so many younger women love it too, they need more inspiring role models like you to shake our youth obsessed society into something more age friendly.

  12. Drop dead gorgeous. I must follow your blog. You can teach me a thing or two.

  13. cathy says:

    Dorrie…I was just introduced to you by Annette of LadyofStyle. We are both featured on her blog today. I am BLOWN away by you! You are not only gorgeous with amazing style, but have some Sass, which I absolute love!!! If this is what 80 looks like, then there is no reason to worry! You are an inspiration sister!!!! xoxo

  14. You look phenomenal! How do you eat that decadent sandwich and keep your gorgeous figure? Of course you know my feelings about black and white.

    Accidental Icon

  15. Just discovered your blog by way of Sylvia at 40+ Style:) You are gorgeous and this outfit is stunning. Capes and ponchos are winter essentials for me. In previous years not always easy to find, but this year with them now being ‘on trend’ I have already added two (woops) actually three to my wardrobe as we start our winter.

  16. Seana Mallini says:

    OMG, I am 47 and live in Australia. I think you are absolutely AWESOME!!
    I agree totally with all the other comments. You are such a wonderful role model.

  17. You are one rocking woman! Keep an eye on our collection in the next few weeks, we are launching a collection of Winter Wraps that would look amazing on you! xxx