Why am I suddenly prancing around in lingerie in my 80s? Because I want to encourage women to embrace their bodies at every age. Why do we have to be young and flawless to be considered beautiful? Society is obsessed with youth… and I want to broaden that definition of beauty to include women of all ages. It’s time to challenge the beauty standards set by society, and do away with this idea that a woman’s allure has an expiration date. I want women to be celebrated at every stage of our lives, not just the small window of time when we embody the physical ideal. Age is an attitude. It’s time we stop letting a number define who we are and we present ourselves to the world. If it makes you feel pretty, wear it.

~ Dorrie
Senior Style Bible

Many thanks to the BBC for the lovely feature
Video Production by Rachel Aston and Creative Collab.
Shoot Locations: Park on Fremont and Commonwealth in Las Vegas.

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